A New Leaf - Bar Cabinet

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SKU: CLA-019-511
Brand: Caracole



An elegant addition to any space, this softly shimmering gold bar cabinet combines fashion and function. Beautiful enough to create a memorable focal point, its unique design is distinguished by a delicate pattern of intertwining leaves brought to life in a silkscreened design of Champagne Shimmer with Taupe Paint. Inside, you’ll find a glamorous mirrored interior and pull-out shelf with removable serving box that let you host in style. Set upon tall legs in Whisper of Gold, this delightful piece features a rounded stretcher and ferrule-capped legs wearing a brilliant shade of Whisper of Gold. Perfect for refreshing your room or adding functionality to an underutilized nook, this stunning bar leaves a lasting impression.

Width: 36 in.
Depth: 19 in.
Height: 58 in.